Stacey Kett

Reception & Marketing

About Stacey

Vibrant and Welcoming is Stacey’s motto when greeting clients into our office!

With a raving reference from her previous employer at a well-known agency due to her outstanding experience in both administration and sales, Stacey has impeccable industry knowledge!

Stacey also has a thorough background in the Fitness Industry including the management of a large fitness equipment company, so it is safe to say Stacey has great energy and is very motivated to be successful in her roll with us.

Further Development

Marketing and social media management is what attracted Stacey to her new role at First National Warragul as this is something she is extremely passionate about as the possibilities are endless!

Stacey is eager to seize hold of all training opportunities offered by the First National Real Estate network to expand on her knowledge ensuring she is up to date with the current marketing trends.

We are excited to hear the wonderful ideas that Stacey brings to our marketing and social media, no doubt proving a great success due to Stacey’s impeccable creative mind and strong skill set.

Take it from Stacey, “Your social media can never be too social”.

Shared Values

Stacey embodies the values we hold dear at First National Warragul – honesty, trust and ethical conduct.

Working alongside our dedicated Sales Manager, Natalie Morrissey as well the rest of our sales team, she helps facilitate our sales and marketing process from start to finish – an efficient administrator we ALL know we can depend upon.

Next time you are in town, stop by our office and say hello to Stacey, as you will soon appreciate the efficient service and great energy that this experience woman brings to First National Warragul.


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